How to Play Lawn Bowls

Are you interested in playing a simple yet interesting game? Try lawn bowls! This particular game was first played in England and is quite old as well. As it is old, some changes bound to take place in the overall pattern and rules of this game. But, basics are still the same.
If you have never played this particular game before in your life, you must try it without wasting any more time as it is a great fun to play this game. Though it is played on a grass surface called green but it is not a hard and fast rule especially for those who can not access some of these sophisticated clubs and greens.

How to Play Lawn Bowls

For those who are not experienced enough to visit a club to play this game, it is possible to use carpeted area to play and learn the tricks of this game. This game has a resin ball which is designed in such a way that it moves on elliptical path. Now, thatís the point where lies the entire idea of this particular game. You have throw ball in such a way that it moves on an elliptical path and hits the target set anywhere in the ground or green. The target in this game is a small white ball which is called "jack". As this game is played in many English speaking countries, you can also find people calling this target a "kitty". Whatever you call it, you need to hit it with your bowl and thatís what this game is all about.

Here, it is crucial to mention that this game is not all about hitting the jack with bowl but it is all about keeping your opponent away from hitting the target. This is usually done by throwing a bowl in such a way that it comes between your opponent and the jack. This is called a block shot. If you want to play and win this particular game, you should practice to hit the jack along with blocking it for your opponent. So, learning to use block shot on right occasions is the key to success in this particular game.

Though this game looks quite simple as all you need to do is hit the jack but thatís not the reality. Sometimes, you have to hit the ball while staying away from hitting the clusters of bowls. This can be a tricky situation to be in. But, thatís exactly the thing that makes this game much more interesting. This cluster is called head and you need avoid head at every cost along with doing something for the blocking bowl being thrown in by your opponent.

So, thatís how you have to play this game. You need to strategize as it is important to work with a better plan. You need to take right decisions at right times to see if it is better to hit the jack or using the block shot is a better call. It means that this game is not just a game but it also helps you learns many tricks. But, if you have never played it before, it is better to start it on your own. To learn about other tricks of the trade you can make use of internet as there are several informational resources for you to utilize. But, one thing is for sure that you will only be able to learn this game in the right way when you will actually play it in reality. For this you can join a training club as this is the best way to get up close and personal with this popular game.